Advance English - III

Advance English - III
Mayuri Foreign Education welcomes you to Advance English Language Course III. This level focuses on enhancing verbal communication skills through free speech, role plays, activities and interaction. Throughout the module, learners participate in GDs, mock interviews, make presentations, etc. This makes him a perfect professional.

Instructor Lead Training (ILT) & Computer Based Training(CBT)
Course Content
Pre Assessment & Feedback
Sounds in English Language
Introduction to Consonant & Vowel sounds
Vowel, schwa and Indian specific sounds
Pronunciation and Voice modulations
Indianisms - Common Speech Errors
News Reports

Advance Grammar
Prepositions, Subject Verb Agreement, Various Tenses in detail, Apply grammar to your writing & speaking

Pronunciation Drills
Practice Vocabulary List of more than 2000 words for correct pronunciation,

Communication Practice
Free Speech & Role Play, Active Listening, Reading comprehension, GDs, Interview Skills, public Speaking, Presentation skills, Email Etiquettes, Effective Writing.
Course Highlights
  • Fun and Interactive way of learning
  • Free assistance after course completion
  • Audio video sessions
  • Pre - Mid - Post Assessment for Improvement

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Course Duration - 70 hours
Start Dates - Flexible
Batches - Flexible Batch timings
Requirement - Must Speak, Read, Write & Listen on Intermediate level
Study Material - Free Books
Class Size - 10-15 learners
Timetable - All batches are Monday - Friday with morning, afternoon and evening batches.
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