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From The Desk of The Chairman, Mayuri Group

educational services. We provide vital services to obtain admission to popular courses in premium institutions abroad. Ours is a coast effective service package that ensures complete support and guidance right from pre-application through admission processes. Our highly dedicated and committed team strives to achieve excellence in the field of overseas educational consultancy and we have a dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly and an experience team of whose trustworthy services I can assure of. With almost a missionary zeal on legally-obtained admission to premium universities and colleges abroad, we are steadfast in our mission of assisting students and their parents have stress free experience in the admission process. We work closely with prospective students to submit genuine transcripts of their academic credentials and proven sources of funding. We also work closely with relevant educational and consular establishments to serve our students in fulfilling their academic dreams. We look forward to answering your questions and providing you effective and professional assistance for your study abroad needs.

Kind Regards, AJAY PATEL

Group Chairman & CEO Mayuri Foreign Education Mayuri Group
Our dream and passion to establish an international Educational Consultancy and an Educational Institute was a response to incessant inquires by numerous parents and acquaintances on how their children could go abroad for further studies and improve their quality of life like my family members. Over the years, we have given sincere advice to numerous families but many of them did not take it. Many found other dubious and illegal means of sending their children abroad only to regret their actions later. Establishing these companies are to serve the goal of first understanding the requirement of the international colleges and universities, to train the students to meet the demands of the international Education as equal as and also as a professional response to the aspirations of those who are ready to approach going abroad for further studies in a legal and less painful way. With a vast experience of over a decade, in the foreign educational systems, Mayuri Group Of Companies are the most customer friendly organization to assist prospective study abroad students from the world to realize their dreams of studying abroad through counseling and professional

Warm Wishes, JYOTI PATEL