English for House Wife

English for House Wife
Mayuri Foreign Education welcomes you to Life Skills Programme. In every family the mother has a great responsibility to ensure the health, welfare and standard of living of the entire family. Now there is a great opportunity for housewives to learn English which will enable them to develop their personality. As a result, they can become the English teacher of the house and help their children’s education. This English package designed especially for housewives to enable them to utilize their free time constructively by learning English and further developing her capabilities and talents. This will enable her to read and understand current world events, to travel to other countries and communicate with foreigners and most importantly to teach their children English from a young age. Moreover they will also be able to take part in Parents’ Meeting and communicate with the teachers.

Course Content
  • English Grammar
  • Everyday Language Functions
  • Vocabulary o different topics
  • Pronunciation
  • Communication skills
  • Personal appearance and hygiene
  • Telephone etiquettes
  • Time Management
  • Miscellaneous
Course Highlights
  • Fun and Interactive way of learning
  • Free assistance after course completion
  • Audio video sessions
  • Learning in a group

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Course Duration - 40 hours
Start Dates - Flexible
Course ware : Interactive courseware customized as per the requirement
Study Material - Free Books
Class Size - 15-20 learners

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