• How much money do I need for my living costs?

    A student in the UK must show that you have enough money to cover your living costs for nine months (or the length of your course, if this is less than nine months). The amount of money you need per month depends on your location – De Montfort University is located outside inner London – therefore to study at De Montfort University a student must show £1,015 per month.

  • I am a sponsored student, do I still have to show I have enough money?

    The UKVI will class you as sponsored If you are sponsored by your home government, the British Council or any international organisation or international company.  If you receive full sponsorship for tuition fees and living costs, you need to submit satisfactory evidence of this to meet the maintenance requirements

    If you only receive sponsorship for part of the costs, such as tuition fees and not living costs, or only part of your tuition fees, you must show evidence that you have the rest of the amount required not covered by sponsorship.

  • What is satisfactory Evidence of sponsorship?

    You will need an official letter on paper or stationery of the organisation sponsoring you, showing the official stamp of that organisation. This letter should contain details about you (name, date of birth), details about your sponsor, including contact details, and details about the sponsorship (the length of sponsorship and the amount that is to be sponsored/confirmation that all fees and living costs are covered by the sponsorship.

  • What evidence do I need to show that I am related to my parent(s) or legal guardian and that I have their permission to use their money as proof of my maintenance?

    Evidence of your relationship must take be your birth certificate showing the names of your parent(s), your certificate of adoption showing names of both parent(s) or legal guardian, or a court document naming your legal guardian.

    Evidence of their permission to access their funds should be a letter from your parent(s) or legal guardian confirming:  Your relationship with your parent(s) or legal guardian and their permission for you to use their funds to study in the UK.

  • Do I need to submit a visa letter or an original CAS document?

    No, you do not need to submit the original CAS document with your visa application, you only need to provide the UKVI with the CAS number that we have issued for you. This will allow them to view the information we have recorded confirming we have accepted you onto your course. We will provide you with the details of what is on your CAS statement so that you know which documents you need to provide with your visa application, but this is only for your reference.

    You do not need a visa letter, the CAS number system has replaced the old visa letters.

  • Can I get a Tier 4 visa for my English language course?

    If you have an English language test score that is equivalent to level B1 on the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR), you may be offered a course with English language tuition directly before your academic course. This is known as a pre-sessional course. Where appropriate the University will issue you with a CAS that will allow you to apply for a visa to cover both the pre-sessional English course and your academic course.

    If your English language level is below B1, or you wish to study an English language course that is longer than 3 months, you will not be able to apply for a tier 4 visa – you should apply to study the course as a student visitor. If you wanted to study an academic course after this, you would need to make a new tier 4 application.

  • Will I need a Secure English Language Test (SELT) such as IELTS, TOEFL or Pearson?

    This will depend on the qualifications you hold and the course you wish to study. You will normally need to have an English language score equivalent to at CEFR B2 in all four components – speaking, listening, reading and writing.

  • Duration of stay in the UK
  • How long will I be allowed to stay in the UK and after my course has finished?

    You are permitted to stay before and after your course, depends on the length of course you are studying and the type of visa you have. Normally, It is the duration of the course + 4 months extra stay back.

  • Can I extend my visa once I am in the UK?

    If must have entered the UK with a valid student visa to study in the UK, you can apply to extend your visa subject to complying with the immigration rules.

    A student visitor visa cannot be extended. A new application for a visitor visa must be made from your home country as you cannot apply from inside the UK.

  • Can I work in the UK upon completion of my course?

    International students in the UK have the opportunity to work in the UK once after graduating from their course – you would need to do so by switching into the Tier 2 (General) visa category as a skilled worker. In order to apply for a visa under Tier 2, you will need to find an employer who will sponsor you to work in the UK.