Life Skills

Life Skills
Mayuri Foreign Education welcomes you to Life Skills Programme. Communication is a whole-body activity. We communicate through words, but also, and in fact more so1, through tone, posture and gesture, behaviour, facial gestures, clothes and appearance. Silence and stillness are powerful forms of communication. Developing good communication skills depends on becoming aware of all of these aspects, in ourselves and in those with whom we communicate. Social Work is fundamentally dependent on good communication. We need to communicate effectively with service users and carers, other social workers, their managers, and other professionals. Each of these types of communication has its own challenges, often its own rules and language.

Communication is, of necessity, a two-way process, involving a minimum of two persons. We need, therefore, to be able to communicate clearly, but also to be able to enable others to communicate with her/himself. We need to have the skills

  • To support other people in overcoming any blocks they bring to communicating with us
  • To ensure that our own behaviour, words, or tone are not in themselves a block.

Effective Communication Skills - This session helps to better understand what is communications, process of communication, barriers to communication, speech and its impact and many other important sessions to make communication effective.

Effective Writing - This session improves and teaches all the important aspects of effective writing like Redundant words, similar sounding words, Do's and Don'ts of effective writing, writing purpose, rules for sentence formation and many more.

Email Etiquette - Nowadays internet is the most powerful means of communication. At the same time, it's been very important to power the skills for proper emailing. This session covers all the minute points for effective email etiquettes such as hard elements & soft elements, character spacing, attachments, lists & bullets, table of content etc.

Interview Skills - Before going for a job interview, it is always important to consider all the important tips. This contains interesting & interactive audio-video sessions. This session basically prepares the candidate to face interview properly and thereby improve the confidence level. This session has varieties of things to consider like, what the employer look for, important soft skills, interview process, and general interview tips, post interview assessment etc.

Personal Appearance and hygiene - This is one of the most important topics to polish the one's personality. It is always important to understand the basics of personal appearance if we are at work. This session covers the important tips for both man & woman. It has audio video sessions on personal appearance, corporate dressing for man & woman, dress code & accessories for man & woman and many more.

Telephone Etiquettes - It is important to learn how to talk on phone. It throws light on In going & Our going calls, Pre calling tips and guidelines and many more.

Time Management - This session teaches you how to manage time. It covers planning your time, making most of your time, Delegation of Work, Hurdles to time management and Effective use of time.
Course Highlights
  • Fun and Interactive way of learning
  • Free assistance after course completion
  • Audio video sessions

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Course Duration - 45 hours
Start Dates - Flexible
Batches - Flexible Batch timings
Course ware : Interactive courseware customized as per the requirement
Study Material - Free Books
Class Size - 15-20 learners
Timetable - All batches are Monday - Friday with morning, afternoon and evening batches.
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