• MYTH and Facts About Studying Abroad

    The idea of  studying  abroad is as daunting as it is inspiring. The journey from first considering studying abroad to stepping foot on a university campus on the other side of the world of the world may seem long and full of hurdles but good planning and a positive mindset can go a  long way to making your dreams a reality.

    Here are few myths and fears abouth studying abroad that may be holding you back.

    Myth #1. Studying abroad is too expensive.

    The expenses will vary depending on various factors such as the University, duration of the course, location and so on. The good thing is that the study abroad experience is only growing in popularity, and more and more opportunities for financial support are becoming available. Many universities now offer scholarships specifically for international students wanting to come to their school to study. It’s all just a matter of locating and applying for them.

    Myth #2. Communicating with other Foreigners.

    Many of us who have trouble just walking up to a stranger and introduce ourselves, it can be an incredibly daunting task to communicate with foreigners class mates, discuss n study.Luckily, most universities will host an array of programs and events specifically aimed at connecting international students from all around the world. Take this as an additional chance to learn a new language or different English in a foreign country. It is the most effective and efficient way of learning a new language. In addition, one will accomplish almost native fluency in English that would enrich his communication skills.

    Myth #3. Studying abroad is dangerous.

    With so much mishappening all across the globe, like increasing cases of terrorism globally, there is a natural concern and fear among the parents about sending their children far away from them in a new place to study abroad. Most universities will have established processes in place to help international students settle in and feel safe, whether that is helping you find accommodation, advising you on the safest public transport options or connecting you with fellow students so you have friends to travel around with.

    Myth #4. Indian Students get neglected

    At International Universities, professors are like mentors to each and every student. They are very approachable to assist students anytime, anywhere to resolve issues and confusions related to academics. The education culture in International Universities is based on creating a conductive educational ambience and the ideology of unhindered learning. These professors believe that for effective learning, there is no way students should feel afraid of asking any queries. In past, there were many Indians who have gone to abroad and have gained.

    Myth #4. Employers Do Not Value Foreign Degrees

    With the globalization of the modern world, any international experience whatsoever is only going to be a benefit when applying for jobs and pursuing your career; it’s certainly not going to negatively impact your employment opportunities in any way. They will be interested to see how your foreign degree can assist their organization in the long run.

    Myth #5 Its all about party and fun

    It’s not about partying and having fun when you are studying in abroad rather it’s about learning new things, studying, and building valuable skills. It can be a way to become more independent, a chance to immerse yourself in new cultures and languages, an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and gain international perspectives – it is what you make of it. The perfect study abroad experience will be a healthy balance between fun and learning, being social and being studious. If you arrive back home from your time abroad having found that balance, you can be satisfied knowing you had the perfect study abroad experience. 

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